Internet Service Providers in Nepal

Nepal, a landlocked country in South Asia, has witnessed a significant growth in its internet penetration rate in recent years. As more and more people in Nepal are getting connected to the digital world, the demand for reliable and high-speed internet services has also increased. In this blog post, we will explore the various internet service providers (ISPs) in Nepal and the services they offer.

1. Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom, also known as NTC, is the largest telecom service provider in Nepal. It offers both wired and wireless internet services to residential and business customers. NTC provides ADSL, FTTH (Fiber to the Home), and WiMAX internet connections. With a wide coverage area and competitive pricing, Nepal Telecom is a popular choice among Nepali internet users.

2. WorldLink Communications

WorldLink Communications is another major player in the Nepali internet market. It offers a range of internet services, including ADSL, FTTH, and dedicated leased lines, to cater to the needs of different customers. WorldLink is known for its reliable and high-speed internet connections, making it a preferred choice for businesses and heavy internet users.

3. Vianet Communications

Vianet Communications is a leading ISP in Nepal that focuses on delivering high-speed internet services. It offers a variety of plans, including ADSL, FTTH, and wireless internet connections. Vianet is known for its excellent customer support and affordable pricing, making it a popular choice among residential customers.

4. Subisu CableNet

Subisu CableNet is a well-established ISP in Nepal that provides a wide range of internet services, including cable internet, FTTH, and enterprise solutions. With its extensive network coverage and reliable connectivity, Subisu has gained a strong customer base in both residential and corporate sectors.

5. Classic Tech

Classic Tech is a rapidly growing ISP in Nepal that offers affordable and high-speed internet services. It provides various internet options, including ADSL, FTTH, and wireless connections. Classic Tech focuses on delivering reliable and uninterrupted internet services to its customers.

6. Broadlink Network and Communication

Broadlink Network and Communication is a leading ISP in Nepal that offers a wide range of internet services, including wireless broadband, FTTH, and enterprise solutions. With its advanced infrastructure and commitment to customer satisfaction, Broadlink has become a trusted name in the Nepali internet market.

These are just a few of the prominent internet service providers in Nepal. There are several other ISPs in the country that cater to the diverse needs of Nepali internet users. When choosing an ISP, it is important to consider factors such as speed, reliability, coverage, and customer support. Comparing different providers and their offerings can help you make an informed decision and find the best internet service provider in Nepal that suits your requirements.

As Nepal continues to embrace the digital age, the internet service providers in the country are constantly striving to improve their services and expand their networks. With the increasing competition in the market, customers can expect better internet connectivity and more affordable options in the future.

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